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nm. uproar, bustle, hustle

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(n.) = bustle ; hustle and bustle ; hubbub ; hurly-burly ; buzz.
Ex: The overall plan of the library is to provide an atmosphere of spaciousness and calm, in contrast to the urban bustle outside = El proyecto general de la biblioteca es ofrecer un ambiente de amplitud y calma, en contraste con el bullicio urbano exterior.
Ex: The article 'Hustle and bustle or solemn silence?' argues that changes in society require a re-examination of the library's role.
Ex: And arming himself with patience and piety he tarried awhile until the hubbub was stilled.
Ex: No, the hurly-burly of politics holds no enchantment for me, I in fact have a deep rooted scepticism and I am disillusioned about politics.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Turf wars in the playback software arena: Microsoft Netshow, Windows Multimedia Player, and all that buzz'.