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v. fuse; melt; merge; overwhelm; burn

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v. found; cast; melt; weld, fuse; consolidate, incorporate; flux, smelt

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(v.) = amalgamate ; bring into ; confound ; weld into/together ; fuse ; mingle (with) ; coalesce.
Ex: In 1971 its functions were divided, part amalgamated with the Ministry of Defence, and part amalgamated with the Board of Trade to form the Department of Trade and Industry.
Ex: Whether or not these specific proposals will be brought into some kind of overall approach and ideology remains to me a very questionable point.
Ex: The confounding of opposites is also common though, again, care has to be taken to see that we do not confound two subjects on which extensive literature exists.
Ex: The Department of Trade and Industry has undergone many changes over the years; it has been split into two separate departments and welded together again.
Ex: The experiment is financed externally and aims to fuse the functions of the 2 library types.
Ex: Not so long ago, the far off lands existed, to most people, in their imagination where they mingled with fairy tales and imaginary stories.
Ex: Mayo's conclusion was that 'the singling out of certain groups of employees for special attention had the effect of coalescing previously indifferent individuals into cohesive groups with a high degree of group ride or esprit-de-corps'.
* fundir en = meld (in/into).
* fundirse = become + fused ; run together.
* fundirse con = blend into ; become + one with ; blend in with.

(v.) = cast ; melt ; melt down.
Ex: Printing types were cast in an alloy of lead, antimony, and tin called type-metal.
Ex: The heat melts the wax on those areas which correspond with the image areas of the original, and the melted wax is absorbed into the tissue sheet.
Ex: In 1588 Thomas Thomas, Cambridge University printer, had one press and 1,400 kg. of type, but 40 per cent of the type was old metal waiting to be melted down.
* caja de fundir estereotipos = casting-box [casting box].
* fundir tipos = cut + punches ; cast + type.
* plomo + fundirse = blow + a fuse.

(v.) = become + fused ; run together.
Ex: Wilensky has argued that 'the good, the mediocre and the trashy are becoming fused in one massive middle mush' and that 'intellectuals are increasingly tempted to play to mass audiences'. Ex: If badly affected, spots run together, and leaves appear scorched.

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Casting, foundry