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adj. night, nightly, nocturnal
nm. nocturne, painting of a night scene

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(adj.) = after hours [after-hours] ; nocturne ; night-time ; nocturnal ; nightly.
Ex: Night owl project is an after hours telephone reference service initially unded by an LSCA grant.
Ex: Medium of performance may be, for example, nocturne, piano, ballads, woodwind quartet, string orchestra.
Ex: End user searching on BRS/After Dark, the night-time version of the BRS Search Service, has been offered to users of Ottawa University Library since July 83.
Ex: The system is also being used to record and identify the nocturnal calls of migrating songbirds through eastern North America.
Ex: This article probes the images of African Americans in a 30 day sample of videotaped nightly news programmes.
* clase nocturna = evening class.
* club nocturno = nightclub.
* lectura nocturna = bedtime reading.
* local de entretenimiento nocturno = night spot.
* local nocturno = night spot.
* lugar de entretenimiento nocturno = night spot.
* marcha nocturna = night march.
* préstamo nocturno = overnight loan.
* salida nocturna = night out.
* ser nocturno = night creature.
* telegrama nocturno = night letter.
* tren nocturno = overnight train ; night train.
* vida nocturna = night life ; nightlife.
* vigilante nocturno = night watchman.
* visión nocturna = night vision ; nocturnal vision.
* visita nocturna = night tour.

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nocturnus, nocturna, nocturnum
adj. nocturnal, of night, at night, by night;