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v. peel; husk; blanch; rind; fleece; shell

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v. scale; strip, flay

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(v.) = peel apart ; peel off ; peel ; shell ; shuck ; peeling ; husk ; pare ; skin ; hull.
Ex: The databases allows the user to peel apart a digital human body like the layers of an onion to reveal the organs within.
Ex: If you encounter an unlabeled document during charge-out, peel off one of the preprinted labels and put it in the document.
Ex: In seeking an answer the data were approached, after the manner of peeling an onion, from a number of perspectives: the sociological, the cultural, and the psychological.
Ex: At harvest, plants were separated into three sections and all pods were removed by hand from each of the three sections and then hand shelled.
Ex: All ears were harvested, shucked and dried on 24 October.
Ex: The installation of a peel remover for the peeling of tomatoes is described.
Ex: For this reason screening is necessary before husking the seed.
Ex: Cut the pineapple, after paring it, into small squares; make a syrup of the sugar, vinegar, and spices, and pour it over the pineaple while boiling hot.
Ex: After skinning a snake, the skin must be preserved in some way to keep it from rotting.
Ex: Although oats are then hulled, this process does not strip away their bran and germ allowing them to retain a concentrated source of their fiber and nutrients.
* correr que se las pela = run for + Posesivo + life ; run like + hell ; run like + the devil ; run + hell for leather.
* cuchillo de pelar = paring knife.
* duro de pelar = tough nut to crack ; tough nut ; hard nut to crack ; tough cookie.
* estar que pela = be boiling hot.
* frío que pela = be bitterly cold.
* hacer un frío que pela = be brass monkey weather ; be (so) cold (enough) to freeze the balls off/of a brass monkey ; be freezing.
* pelar patatas = peel + potatoes.
* pelarse = flake off ; flake.
* pelárselas = take to + Posesivo + heels ; do + a runner ; tear out ; show + a clean pair of heels.
* posibilidad de pelarse = flakiness.
* que pela = piping hot ; baking hot.
* que se está pelando = flaking.
* ser duro de pelar = be a tough cookie.

(v.) = flake off ; flake.
Ex: Reader use, exhibitions and reproductions, age, pigment damages, and the dry air caused by the radiators, often cause the layer of pigment in the miniatures of old manuscripts to loosen or flake off. Ex: Since the polychromy was flaking badly, a program of restoration was decided on in 1975 and completed in 1977.

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[ chīlanā || chheelna || چھیلنا ]
verb. pelar mondar
English equivalent: peel