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v. top; exceed; overtake (Mexico)

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(v.) = outrun [out-run] ; transcend ; overshoot ; overstep ; go + past ; exceed ; go beyond ; go over.
Ex: But he was wiry and wily, too, and he could often out-run, track, back-track, double-back, and finally dodge unseen in the subway.
Ex: Why do only Catholics, Jews, Negroes, and women transcend their particular nationality?.
Ex: The importance of exchange rates on prices paid for imported periodicals is noted, particularly when these exchange rates overshoot relative inflation.
Ex: Permission is not sought when purchasing other categories of materials and so the board is overstepping its policy and fiscal authority and assuming management responsibilities.
Ex: Unfortunately, its conclusions are completely pedestrian, rarely going past the fact that there were old people in England in the late Middle Ages.
Ex: In the same way, files of item record cards can be difficult to manage if the file size exceeds, say, 2000 cards.
Ex: Maybe the answer is some kind of localized Ceefax or Oracle information service that could be obtained free through one's television set but went beyond the mainly trivia that these services currently provide.
Ex: Unless corrective action is taken the library will go over the budgeted amount in that category.
* rebasar fronteras = transcend + boundaries.