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nm. redress; physic; diagnosis; medicament, remedy
v. redress; cure, heal; remedy

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remédio (m)
n. redress, remedy; medicine, drug; relief; cure; help; medicament, physic; salve

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(n.) = panacea ; remedy ; remediation ; curative ; fix ; salve ; countermeasure [counter measure] ; healer.
Ex: Be warned that the operator NOT is not a panacea.
Ex: The best remedy for distributed relatives in catalogues is to be found in multiple entry systems.
Ex: This theory stresses the remediation of deficiencies.
Ex: This idea spread during an era in which reformers regarded the book as a curative for societal ills = Esta idea se difundió durante una era durante la que los reformistas consideraban el libro como un remedio para los males sociales.
Ex: A technological fix which prevents people from sending mail to more than a fixed number of people at once is needed.
Ex: 'Catching 10' while the supervisor is looking the other way is both a salve to the tired body & a little act of opposition.
Ex: This article reviews the extent of book theft in libraries and discusses some effective countermeasures that may help reduce the problem.
Ex: Turmeric is one of nature's most powerful healers -- it has shown promise in treating cancer and arthritis.
* no hay más remedio = needs must when the devil drives.
* no tener más remedio que = be stuck with ; be left with + the need to ; get + stuck with.
* remedio a base de hierbas = herbal remedy.
* remedio casero = household remedy ; homemade remedy ; home remedy ; folk remedy.
* remedio contra un hechizo = countercharm.
* remedio natural = natural remedy.
* remedio popular = folk remedy.
* remedio rápido = quick fix.
* remedios medicinales = healing arts.
* sin ningún remedio posible = beyond redemption.
* sin remedio = beyond repair ; incurably ; incorrigibly.

(v.) = remedy.
Ex: After 1728, the initiative for investigating and remedying the state of the public records passed to the House of Commons.
* remediar la falta de = remedy + the lack of.
* remediar una situación = remedy + situation.

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remedium, remedi,
n. n. remedy, cure; medicine;