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nf. phrase; sentence; locution

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n. phrase, slogan; word

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frase (de)
n. phrase, idiom, saying

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(n.) = phrase ; sentence ; statement ; refrain.
Ex: Indicative abstracts abound in phrases such as 'is discussed' or 'has been surveyed', but do not record the outcome of the discussion or survey.
Ex: The title-like phrase combine concepts in the order in which they would be listed in a sentence or phrase.
Ex: Statements conveying preferential relationships between terms indicate which terms are to be treated as equivalent to one another.
Ex: The importance of the right to information or the right to know is an increasingly constant refrain in the mouths of academics, the media and governments.
* acuñar una frase = coin + a phrase.
* dentro de la frase = intra-sentence.
* encabezamiento de frase conjuntiva = conjunctive phrase heading.
* encabezamiento de frase preposicional = prepositional phrase heading.
* frase a modo de título = title-like phrase.
* frase como encabezamiento = phrase heading.
* frase de indización = indexing phrase.
* frase de texto libre = free-text phrase.
* frase favorita = catchphrase.
* frase graciosa final = punchline [punch line].
* frase hecha = bound phrase ; catch phrase ; cliche ; formulaic words ; formulaic phrase ; set phrase.
* frase llamativa = attention-grabber.
* frase nominal = noun phrase.
* frase preferida = catchphrase.
* frase prolija = verbose phrasing.
* frase proverbial = proverbial phrase.
* frase publicitaria = catchphrase.
* frase que recoge el tema principal del artículo = topic sentence.
* frase usada para ligar = chat-up line.
* libro de frases = phrase book.
* relativo a la frase = sentential.
* ser analizado como una frase = be phrase parsed.
* Sistema de Indización por Frases Anidadas (NEPHIS) = Nested Phrase Indexing System (NEPHIS).
* subencabezamiento de frase preposicional = prepositional phrase subheading.

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n. = phrase, group of words, empty slogan